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Why buy Stihl?

We understand that sometimes when you need something you need it right than and right there. But there are laundry lists of problems that go with that in almost all situation. When it comes to buying outdoor power equipment it's not any different. When you go to your local box stores or chain stores you will see many options but that in itself should be a red flag. Mass production isn't always the best and cheaper is in most cases not better. Right now were talking about an investment between $50-1,200. When spending money on something like this I would hope that it's going to a product I can count on when I need it!

1.Stihl is different than many other outdoor power equipment company's in that unlike other brands which are in every store you go to with power tools you will not find Stihl, Stihl believes in supporting local business which is why they are sponsors of INDEPENDENT WE STAND.

2. Stihl dealers can give you the best advice to help you choose the correct product. Stihl dealers know exactly what applications each product is suited for and can help you get the right equipment for your needs.

3. Big stores want you to buy there tools, but big stores usually cant help you wen the tools break, they will not have someone qualified to fix them. Leaving you in a situation where you will either have to buy another new product or have to send it out to some place you haven't heard of for it to take who knows how long to be fixed or replaced. By purchasing a Stihl product you protect yourself from that! If you buy it here we will service it, and or repair it here. Hassle free and get it back to you as quick as we can because we know how much people need the tools they buy.

4. Some places have it so you can buy your equipment online or in store but than they give it to you in a box... That is weird right? When you buy your equipment here no only will we take it out of the box for you.. We also start the product and if you need for us to we will give you a demo on how to use the equipment to make sure you don't hurt yourself and that you know how to use your new piece of equipment to its full potential.

5. We do your registration in house for you! This means not only is it one less thing for you to worry about but it is one less thing to remember to do before its too late!

6. When you go to your local dealer and buy a Stihl product or part you are buying a guaranteed genuine Stihl part, not a cheap intimation. The only place you can go to buy any genuineStihl guaranteed parts is a Stihl dealership. You may see parts online that say will fit Stihl product for a little cheaper, but why waste money a part that may or may not work if you can get the right part the first time at your local Stihl dealership.

7. We hope you don't have problems with your Stihl product but if you do you can always call us at Bacons Equipment Inc. or calls Stihl you will be connected to a real person who is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help! What more can you ask for?


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