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The misunderstood tractor.. Why buy used?

Listen no matter if you buy your Kubota brand new, a few months old on lot, or used you can be confident you are getting a great piece of equipment.

Many people have the common misconceptions about used Kubota tractors because think of it similarly to a used car in ways. I am here to tell you the used Kubota you are looking at is in much better condition than you may think...

I am here to answer a few used Kubota tractor misconceptions.

1. " Well it was probably traded in for a reason, there must be something wrong with it":

Well you're partly right, someone traded it in for a reason. That's the only correct thing about that statement. People dont only trade in equipment for issues sometimes the customers needs just change. Having 1,000 hours doesn't mean a tractor is old, well taken care of tractors can go on to have 10,000 hours and still be a great machine. When buying from Bacons Equipment Inc. you can be sure you're tractor will still hold up to any expectation you may have.

2. "Well it's old so you probably cant get parts or manuals anymore" :

Again you're half right, well some Kubotas due meet their day... Most things you can still get parts and literature for... Maybe it will not be the same part number as it was in 19 something but it is likely you will be able to find what you need for your equipment, simply because we know the machines CAN and DO last.

3. "It must be hard or not possible to get attachments"

In some cases you will have that, however most used tractors can get implements and attachments.

4. "Used Kubotas are a bit pricey"

Well that's where your wrong. Obviously we can't speak for other deals prices but here at Bacon's we price our equipment accordingly. Kubotas are known for being a great investment because they hold their value, with features like reliable diesel engines, and long term parts availability this isn't a 4 year tractor, this a 20-life tractor.


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