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Stihl Product Deals

Stihl regularly makes new deals on there products, which as a Stihl dealer Bacons Equipment Inc. honors, so every time Stihl updates there deals with us we'll update the deals here with you! Stay in the loop and stay with Bacons.

Stihl has a large product line

for all types of projects.

When you think Stihl I will bet you usually first think Chainsaws. Stihl is much more than that they make chainsaws, handheld blowers, shredder vac/ blowers, backpack blowers, backpack sprayers, trimmers, kombimotor, yard boss, cut off machines, lawn mower, hedge trimmers, telescping pole pruners, augers, wood boring drills, auger drills, wet/dry vacuums, pressure washers and those are just the gas powered pieces of equipment offered by Stihl.

Stihl offers a full line of battery operated products as well. Such as Handheld blowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, pole pruners, cut-off machines, and of course chain saws.

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