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Ideas for staying busy at home!

Alright lets admit we all have projects we put off with the excuse " I'll do it when I have time." Well guess what everyone the universe heard you and has now limited most of us to our homes where now we have time...

We get it really we do we're working from home, home schooling our kids, doing both, being considered essential, or trying to keep family members safe.. I get that being at home this much for some seems like a curse and for others a blessing.. But what are we doing with this time to make the days seem to go by better or smoother!

Some people are catching up on reading or watching all there favorite movies, going for walks or enjoying the outdoors while respecting the 6 foot rule...

Why not do all those " I'll do it when I have time" projects too?!

Remember that raised garden bed you've been wanting to make that you bought the seeds and stuff for and shoved in a closet months or years ago? Guess what you've got some time!

Maybe you have been wanting to cut down that hideous bush in front of you're house that's either just awful to look at or been dead for years! Well chop chop you've got time!

Perhaps you have projects in your home that you want to get done?

What about that one room in your house you've been saying " Oh my do I need to repaint this!" well guess what! You've got some time!

Like those cabinets that you HATE how they look well get scrubbing and painting!

Did you buy some pictures or wall art that you knew exactly where it is going and now it just lives in a storage room in your house taking up space? Hang it up!

There are also MANY ideas that your kids can help with without knowing there helping clean and declutter!

My personal favorite is to take all my Tupperware and tell my kids we're playing a matching game... Than you easily find out what doesn't have a lid or base.

Get some of those little clay pots for plants and some paint and let your kids paint them and then plant something in them!

Go out bird watching and see how many different birds you can spot!

We know that these times are hard, we know not everyday is the most fun day but we're going to get through this one day at a time.. Try to make the best of it now!

Have fun everyone stay safe and stay healthy!

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